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Pantone and Tanqueray: In Search of the Special Color of Seville


PANTONE Color Institute

In Search of the Special Color of Seville

Recognized for its warmth and joyful ambience, Seville, the largest city in Spain’s Andalusia region has much to share with the world. Home to Don Juan, Figaro and the beloved Carmen, Seville boasts a rich history, beautiful architecture and of course, the bitter Seville orange that finds its destiny in delicious marmalades, marinades, and now the new Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla gin.

While Los de Rio has been singing “Sevilla tiene un Color Especial”, (Seville has a special color), this city’s famous anthem for over 26 years, no one was ever sure the exact color they were referring to. To support the launch of the new Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla gin, Tanqueray sought to solve this mystery, going on a mission to find and define the color Los de Rio was referring to; analyzing over 10,000 images including pictures of more than 30 monuments, 1,000 streets, and hundreds of thousands of colorful hues. Distilling their cornucopia of visual imagery to determine the one special shade that best represented the distinctive character of this extraordinary city, Tanqueray zeroed in on a unique orange that hauntingly appeared throughout their collected imagery. Wanting to honor Seville with its own special color identity, one that could be immortalized forever and ever, Tanqueray collaborated with the Pantone Color Institute to turn this unique orange shade into a bespoke PANTONE Color.

Paying loving tribute to the bittersweet oranges as well as the colors decorating the streets and the buildings of this enchanting Andalusian city, Tanqueray has named this new bespoke PANTONE Color, Color Especial de Sevilla. Friendly and optimistic with a touch of zest, this pleasurable and inviting sun kissed orange shade symbolic of the good-natured Andalusian spirit wraps you in its warm and welcoming embrace. A true color legacy, Color Especial de Sevilla by Tanqueray celebrates the openhearted culture, inimitable design and uniquely delightful experience of Sevilla, the city from which it was born.

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