/PANTONE 2017 (China)
/PANTONE 2017 (China)



Are you working in graphic design? We offer graphic designers a variety of colors to match your creative workroom. Whether on the computer, on the go, or in the printing house, you can make key decisions in color inspiration, color-specific or production-level workflows.

On the trip ?

Pantone Guide portable studio [ Pantone Portable Guide Studio] is the ultimate solution for traveling with tools! Set of nine hand-held fan guide placed within the guide easy to carry the suitcase, graphic designers can get anywhere needed. The entire set includes all the colors used for the spot color printing of the PANTONE color matching system, including metallic, pastel and neon colors, as well as a four-color overprint color guide, and corresponding HEX and RGB values.

Pantone Portable Guide Studio

On the computer ?

COLOR BRIDGE [ Color Bridge]  is your most flexible color tools at hand in the office or studio. The single-volume fan guide allows you to visually compare the PANTONE spot color and the four-color overprint color side by side, and provides the HEX and RGB values ​​required for digital design. It is the ideal tool for planning, packaging, networking and animation designers with budgetary considerations.

Pantone Color Bridge Coated

Printing factory ?

Spot color swatches [ Solid Chips]  is the best tool allows printers to understand your color intentions. This color ticket book presents all the spot colors of the PANTONE color matching system with a shareable perforated color ticket. Use this flexible form to attach colors to design files and to approve printed colors.

Pantone Solid Chips