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Team Coco Orange


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Team Coco Orange

Defining a new era in multi-platform comedy, Conan O’Brien debuted his revamped thirty-minute late-night show and expanded Team Coco fan experience in January 2019. To celebrate the legacy of Conan’s illustrious television career and the expansion of the Team Coco brand, the global color experts at The Pantone Color Institute worked with Team Coco to define and create an official CONAN color: Team Coco Orange. The custom hue is based on the shade his fans have made the unique identifying characteristic of Conan’s brand. The signature color will not only be at the center of branding for Team Coco, it will represent the spirit of Conan’s comedy: energizing, fearless, warm-hearted, and animated.

“Good natured and expansive, friendly and gregarious, Conan’s Team Coco Orange is an energizing and fearless orange tone with a touch of tang,” says Laurie Pressman, Vice President, Pantone Color Institute. “Designed to be animated and spontaneous, Conan’s Team Coco orange is instantly engaging and conveys a playful sense of fun.”

(Please note: the below video is available as originally recorded in English)