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FAQ - Polyester



Why would I need to use polyester instead of cotton?

There are many colors in our polyester system that could not be reproduced on other substrates with the same degree of clarity or intensity. Our polyester system was developed with unique dyes specifically for polyester displaying a color depth best achieved on the non cotton-based textile dyed system. These colors are more saturated than those possible with natural fibers like cotton.

How did you determine which colors to include in the Polyester standards color offering?

With increased market crossover in material substrates, it was essential the polyester system be relevant across all design industries. Our polyester colors were curated to include the most relevant shades, taking into consideration of the ways in which multiple industries view and use color.

Can I find these Polyester colors in the FHI Cotton System or Nylon Bright’s Standards?

The polyester colors are new colors. Although they are complementary to our cotton and nylon bright substrates, these colors are only available in the polyester substrate.

Are the mini swatches considered standards?

No, the mini swatches are not standards. They are for inspiration and palette building. Once you build the color palettes, the next step is to purchase the Polyester Swatch Card for the supply chain.

Can I order replacements for the swatch set?

No, not at this time.

I don’t currently use textile standards – which substrate do I need to start with?

It all depends what your market is, type of product, etc. For example, f you mainly work with natural fibers, we recommend using Pantone TCX Cotton Systems.

Will you add Polyester cross-references into your PANTONE VIEW trend forecasts?

Yes, we will continue to incorporate our substrates including Polyester standards in our trend books.

Why did we use this particular kind of knit in our Polyester standards?

We chose the knit because of specific traits, i.e. minimal surface interest, zero shine, and the ability to be cut into a swatch card. We conducted several customer group meetings and this particular knit was the top choice.

How long will the Polyester swatch standard last?

All depends on how the swatch is used and stored. Dyes used for polyester are not as sensitive as those used for cotton fabric and will have a longer shelf life. We recommend storing polyester swatch card standards in the clear protective pouch that comes with them. Also, keep swatch cards away from direct light in a temperature-controlled environment.

How do I measure Polyester?

Polyester can be measured using an instrument such as a spectrophotometer that is well maintained and has been net profiled. Measure material in 4 ply, turn it once [90 degrees] for an average of two measurements.

What makes the swatch card a standard?

A standard is a representation of the digital data point. Every dye lot is evaluated against the master digital standard and must pass both a digital and visual evaluation to become a standard color swatch card. Pantone conducts all visual and instrumental evaluations under D65 lighting in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

How can I align colors on other substrates to match my polyester colors?

Users must take into consideration and understand the dye classes used for each substrate involved and also the color consistency between the chosen light source and substrate. The metamerism value of each substrate and dye in the specific light source is critical.